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I want an Irish wolfhound pretty badly. They are just so great… and it’s not just because they are Irish (I’m not THAT obsessive over Ireland). It’s because they are SO DANG BIG and are really sweet and awkward dogs. 

What most people don’t know is that Irish wolfhounds are also extremely functional pets and can perform a plethora useful tasks. Here are some of my favorite uses for Irish Wolfhounds!

designated driving

Irish Wolfhounds are great for designated driving and they make great wing men and conversation starters. Some of the Irish believe that the wolfhound was originally bred for this purpose. They will also finish your Guinness for you when you can’t, because Irish Wolfhounds know good Guinness should NEVER go to waste. But because Irish Wolfhounds are known for their temperance, they won’t drink too much and will still be extremely reliable on getting their companions home safe. 


this requires many of the same skills as designated driving, which makes the Irish wolfhound the most logical option for watching your kids. If the kids get out of hand, Irish wolfhounds can just sit on them. There, problem solved!

Plus, how many babysitters can you pay with bacon?

Taking grandma to the doctor’s office

Irish Wolfhounds are wonderful caretakers of the elderly, and their tremendous size also makes them an inexpensive and fuel efficient form of transportation when Grandma has to go to her appointments.


Look at this picture of Kate Middleton next to an Irish wolfhound! See how it could easily snap her neck and eat her? it’s twice her size! Irish wolfhounds were traditionally used by the Irish in war to pull soldiers off of their horses in battle, and were considered so fierce by the Romans that they were captured and used to fight in the Colosseum. However, only an Irish wolfhound can be both a ferocious war beast and be able to get this close to the British monarchy.

This leads me to my last reason why Irish Wolfhounds are amazing: they hold the potential to overthrow and shame the British monarchy, take back Northern Ireland, and regain the Republic of Ireland’s dignity! Eireinn go Bragh!

Here is a picture of ME, Theteastainedpages, with an Irish Wolfhound on shop street, Galway, Ireland.

115 pounds of true love!

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