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Female, 23, Texas.

So I’ve come up with a few little tricks during my time at school, so here are some of the most useful studying life-hacks I’ve come up with:

1. use audio books

This one is kind of a given. It makes heavy reading a lot easier and you can do other things while you listen. Youtube has a lot of popular books and Librovox.org has many different versions of classic works, so you can find a version you like.

2. speed up your audio

Librivox.org lets you download audiobooks that are in the public domain for free, so when you listen to that mp3 in your player right click on the bar and speed it up. This is perfect for long winded classic literature. If you have to listen to a mp3 recording of a lecture, do the same thing. It cuts the listening time down and you get the message.

3. use search functions in online ebooks for reference

You can search key words in googlebooks. Even if you can’t view the whole book, if you can’t find something in a physical book you can search it and find out what page it is on with googlebooks or the amazon.com “search inside” function. You can use these functions to search key words, which is especially helpful for literary or imagery analysis. This also helps for research if you can’t get to a library or need book sources but don’t want to deal with flipping through a book for a small fact.

4. Hook up to TVs with your HDMI or VGA cable to work on papers

Hooking up your computer to a TV is a little easier on your eyes and can give you more space to have multiple pages up. It can allow you to look at your paper as a whole instead of one page at a time, and you can have a little facebook window in the corner so you don’t have to minimize your paper to check it.

5. Make your word processor your bitch

During an all-nighter, there is nothing worse than staring at a bright white blank document. Try going into format > background and changing the background to black. It’ll be much easier on the eyes late at night.
You can also look into downloading Zenwriter. Zenwriter is a free full-screen word processor that comes with soft music, typewriter noises when you type, and beautiful backgrounds behind your writing. The name says it all, it is a new and much more relaxing way to write. You can even switch the background to night mode so it is darker.

for mac: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zen-writer/id475992750?mt=12

for PC: http://allmyapps.com/apps/zenwriter-text-editor

that’s all I have, I hope that helps someone on tumblr! Happy finals week, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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